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norplast tanıtım filmi


NOR PLAST started production of plastic bags and packaging in 1992. Continuing the principle of renewal, today KIRAÇ / ISTANBUL in the factory with a closed area of 6000 m2 continues production. NOR PLAST manufactures plastic bags and packaging by processing polyethylene with a huge capacity of 7.000 tons per year.

NOR PLAST, which has accelerated its investments in recent years, continues to increase its production capacity by increasing its product range. Besides packaging and bag production, NOR PACK produces garbage bags together with the brand. NOR PACK produces standard bags, industrial and professional garbage bags.

NOR PLAST aims to increase exports by 70% of its sales with its 28 years of experience in producing polyethylene bags.

Graphic Design

Logo that will be printed on the package, information about the product, articles about consumer information and awareness, are prepared by customers if they have a graphic design department or their agencies.


Extrusion is the process of making Polyethylene to the semi-finished raw material of packaging. Depending on the nature of packaging materials, different mixtures of propertied raw materials single and multi-layer films are obtained by using different techniques.

Slicing and Cutting

The aim of this process is to provide customers packaging in their requested sizes an dimensions. Very different type of machines and knives are used for this process.

Research and Development

To respond to the new demands of the customers and to produce new standard and special products NORPLAST invests continuously to the machinery and personnel. To apply existing technologies and the need to keep pace with technological developments at different stages of production, NORPLAST improves its organization or use partners which are the best of their areas.

Phases Pacaging

There are many functions of the packaging. Some of them are protection of the product from external factors, to ease storage and transportation of product, help the brand to be seen on the shelf, to make a positive impact on purchasing. Packaging is a standard service in many products. Due to this functionality, NORPLAST is not only a supplier of its customers but also a partner of them. Therefore, NORPLAST works for the success of its customers as well as itself

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